Last home game of the season: UNB Saint John vs. Crandall Chargers

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On Saturday, October 15, 2022, the UNBSJ Women’s Soccer team made Seawolves proud during their last home game of the season.

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The rainy game was fierce as the Seawolves took on the Crandall Chargers in an intense match that really heated up during the second period.

The games’ first period demonstrated great defence from the Seawolves. Around eleven minutes into the match, the Seawolves protected their net after the Chargers performed a corner kick.

The Seawolves defence and offense was evenly matched by the Chargers during the first period as both teams finished the first half with 0-0.

Halftime was also jam-packed. The student advisory committee hosted a ‘kick for tuition’ competition which allowed student audience members to go on the field and shoot at the net for the opportunity to win money for tuition.  

If the excitement from halftime wasn’t enough, the second half to the match was unbelievable as the Seawolves came back out on the field stronger than ever. Within the first few minutes, the Seawolves immediately started out with great offense as Karlee Duval (#6) secured the ball and was nearly able to score, but the Chargers goalie managed to block it.

Duval did make up for it though later in the second half as she scored the first goal of the game against the Chargers. The second goal for the UNBSJ Seawolves was granted shortly after with an own goal, as the Crandall Chargers player Julie Daigle (#6) hit the ball into their own net by accident.

The Chargers did manage to get one goal before the end of the game, scored by Amanda Piltzmaker (#11). After the goal by the Chargers, both teams continued to play hard for the next eleven minutes, but no other goals were made.

Wolfgang Düchtel/The Baron

The final score was 2-1, with the Saint John Seawolves claiming victory over the Crandall Chargers. 

Graduating students

It was very apparent during the game, that the women’s soccer team work very well together. One of the team’s captains and goalie, Jillian Smith (#1) shared her feelings about the teams dynamic this year, stating: 

“Our team is so well bonded this year that there is more accountability – we don’t want to let each other down. It’s not just about playing for ourselves, but for our entire team and those who are supporting us. The growth we have all experienced this year has occurred individually and together as a team. Both Karlee [Duval #6], and I are incredibly happy to be leaving the program like this. Although there are so many of us, I consider them all to be my family. I cannot wait to see what they achieve in the future, and I will be cheering them on with lots of love next year!”

Smith’s sentimental words were a result of having been honoured at the game with the other senior soccer players who graduate this Spring. Among the graduating students on the Seawolves Women’s soccer team include Jillian Smith (#1), Julia Short (#4), Karlee Duval (#6), Sophie Williams (#8), Hannah Humphrey (#12), and Kayla Rowe (#15). 

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‘Think Pink’

In addition to the intense game, spectators also had a unique opportunity to support a great cause. It was the Seawolves ‘Think Pink’ game where all proceeds were donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Society. The UNBSJ Seawolves were dressed in white with bright pink socks to demonstrate their support of the cause during the game. While the dedicated student advisory committee also held a very successful bake sale and a raffle basket filled with local products to raise funds.

Wolfgang Düchtel/The Baron

The women’s soccer team will be continuing to play as they are on the road to the championship game. If you are interested in checking out one of their away games, you can find the details here.

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