Booster doses and flu shots: what you need to know

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With flu season just around the corner and COVID-19 cases still being prevalent in Saint John, here is what you need to know about flu shots and the new COVID-19 booster.


Booster dose eligibility

Individuals 18 and older are eligible for a booster dose every three months, if it has been three months since their last COVID-19 infection. However, it is recommended to wait five months after your last booster shot and last COVID infection. Booster doses can be booked through surrounding pharmacies. Injections are available through walk-in or by appointment depending on the choice of the pharmacy.

Bivalent booster

This year, a new booster was released by Moderna called Bivalent. Bivalent protects against the regular strain of covid as well as the Omnicron strain, giving you better protection. Pfizer has released that they will also be producing a Bivalent dose but have yet to release an exact date of when it will become available. These bivalent doses are offered at participating pharmacies.

Flu shots

As we approach the flu season it is important that you get your flu vaccination for protection against the influenza virus. These are available at local pharmacies either by walk-in or appointment free of charge. At of the time of publication, there has no been no specific information on when and where flu shot clinics will take place on campus.

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