Scars of love

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Wolfgang Düchtel/The Baron
I just want to be loved. 

A phrase that I’ve said way too many times. But what does love really mean? 

Does it mean...

That look you get from your man across the way or all the snuggles your pet gives you when you come home. 

Love, comes in many forms. I know it’s not valentines day but sometimes can’t you just feel the love. 

But what happens when you are far away from your love ones or that person just doesn’t love you back. 

Love can stab you in the heart and even if you take the knife out, you still bleed. 

Sometimes you need people to patch that wound or even compress the pain a bit. 

I know that it never fully heals until it heals but there’s always that reminder. 

That scar that you try to hide from people, putting up that brick wall of sadness. 

Nobody wants to see my scars and my pain but with life it will get better. 

Those wounds heal over time, yes those scars are there but remember they from the past and eventually you have to move forward. 
Melanie is mom of two daugters who are her world. She studies Political Science. She's learned a lot throughout her life and went to culinary school before she ended up at UNB. Fun fact about Melanie: she loves squirells!