SRC Halloween event: an impressive success

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For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, the Student Representative Council (SRC) hosted their first in-person event this Saturday with a large student turnout.

Wolfgang Düchtel/The Baron

A nightmare on Water Street, the long-awaited SRC Halloween event, was hosted at the Area 506 Waterfront Container Village. The party was open to everyone, and tickets were completely sold out come the Saturday of the event.

The event started at 9 p.m. and drew a big crowd of costumed UNB students and a fair number of non-students who had heard about the event from others. The party continued until a little after midnight, with students popping in and out all night.

There were spooky decorations by the SRC throughout the event. Lights and music from the event could be heard all the way up to Germain Street, and students were all smiles all night.

Wolfgang Düchtel/The Baron

The event featured a main stage with a DJ booth for the featured artists — Atticus, DJ J-Demi, EHJ, and Free Will — as well as a pumpkin-headed scarecrow and a screen playing black-and-white video clips of classic Halloween movies.

Students were on the dance floor all night, sometimes migrating to the two rooftop seating areas to chat with friends or take a little break. The party’s peak was around 11 p.m. when about 150 people were there at once.

Wolfgang Düchtel/The Baron

First-year student Hannah explained that this is her first actual university event, and she is happy she decided to attending saying,

“It is so fun! I guess I didn’t expect this many people to show up, and I wasn’t sure how many people would actually be in costume. It [the costumes] definitely makes it more enjoyable. I am glad I dressed up, too.”

The general consensus of students seemed to be positive overall, and several people said they were glad there was such a large turnout. Fourth-year student Ben hadn’t been to a university event since his first year,

“I think the last time I participated in a university event was my first year, and there was a kickoff party in the quad. I don’t think there were this many people, though. COVID really ruined a lot of the socialization aspect of university. We have been missing out, so this was a no-brainer for me. I had to come and have fun.”

Wolfgang Düchtel/The Baron

Even past UNB students who had graduated came to the Halloween party. Ally, who graduated in 2021, said she wanted to support the SRC and the events they’re hosting this year “… since we couldn’t do anything for so long.”

Third-year student Casey expressed her excitement for the next events the SRC plans, saying that she hopes they are all this successful.

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