Are we robots controlling robots?

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Dear Mistaken Generation,

As my phone dies, I wonder how connected I really am when I’m on my phone.

Wolfgang Düchtel/The Baron

I can talk to people and engage in conversations I want to have.

Unfortunately as this paragraph drags on you will notice that we are not as connected as we think we are.

Try this! Leave your phone in your car for a day and see how many conversations are can remember and get back to me.

Hopefully quite a few since I tried it for a class.

As you are reading you probably have heard this millions of times before but have you done anything about it?

Ok so off topic D2L, as a mature student I’m still learning the tricks and maneuvering, anyone else in the same boat?

Also off topic, learning, growing, stretching not only your body but your mind.

Electronics keep you sucked in, imagine your potential if you decided to get off electrics a few times a week and get into what will blow your mind in a positive way!


“Robots” are taking over the world

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