New sexual health clinic offers services to university students

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A new clinic led by a nurse practitioner has opened uptown to make acquiring sexual health services more accessible.

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Shelley Gautreau, the nurse practitioner at the clinic highlighted that the “mandate of the clinic is to provide sexual health services across the lifespan in order to promote health and reduce the incidence and burden of STIs.”

Additionally, the clinic offers “…education, STI testing and treatment, contraception, counselling options for unplanned pregnancy, PrEP (HIV prophylaxis).”

The program is covered through Medicare and has extensive hours of operation to make their services easier to obtain. Specifically, they are open 5 days a week and offer evening hours as well.

For international students or students who are not covered by Medicare, other health insurances will typically cover the cost. The students are billed through Horizon’s finance office after their visit to the clinic and are responsible to submit their bills to their own insurance companies. No money is exchanged at the clinic. 

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As seeking sexual health services can induce anxiety, Gautreau also shared what people can expect if they go to the clinic, stating: 

“They will see one of the two nurse practitioners for a medical history exam if warranted but certainly not always necessary. Testing is performed on-site so they can expect to be asked to provide a urine sample and be offered blood work if deemed necessary.” 

Gautreau also wanted to emphasize that the clinic is a safe, non-judgmental space for individuals to obtain the help they need.

If interested in any of the services mentioned above, you can book an appointment which is preferred, or walk-ins are also welcome.

The clinic is located in Uptown Saint John at 28 Richmond Street and can be contacted by phone number at 506-658-3998 to set up appointments or answer any further questions you may have. 

Ashley is a fifth-year student in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education concurrent program. Now in her final year, she hopes to further studies with the goal of promoting international advocacy for educational rights. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to her vinyl records, watching films, and hiking.