Health Innovative Centre to replace Ward Chipman Library

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It has been announced that the new Health Innovation Centre at UNB Saint John campus has received $38 million in funding.

Graham Thompson/CBC

The project will start with the demolition of the Ward Chipman Library currently on campus, which will be the site of the new building. The Health Innovation Centre will become the home of UNBSJ’s newest program created in 2020, the Bachelor of Health program.

With $12 million from the provincial government, $15.2 million from the federal government, and $10.8 million from UNB which still needs to be raised, the new addition to the campus will focus on moving healthcare in the right direction and shaping the new generation of health care workers.

This new building will catalyze the beginning of the school’s Integrated Health Initiative.

This innovative addition will find ways to improve healthcare and deliver a highly patient-focused healthcare system. The university also plans to create graduate programs in the field of health, as well as public policy, and business management with a focus on management within the health sector.

The building will also feature a gallery of Indigenous art in the main foyer and will be designed to have a low carbon footprint.

If all goes as planned, the new centre will be opened in September of 2024, which is the sixtieth anniversary of the campus.

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