Feeing down

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Help! Can anyone hear me!?

Is anyone there?

Why do I feel so alone in a crowded room? 

Someone pull me out of this feeling, 

I’m tired;

I’m tired of my head spinning;

my heart, beating too fast;

the love that used to be

is now a vacant spot in my chest. 

Can’t you hear my cries? 

The ones a smile normally tries to hide. 

Why me?

Get me out of this pit of sadness, disappointment, and grief! 


I know I’m ok, but is that a lie I just keep telling myself?


If you need help or are just feeling down, reach out to someone and get the help you deserve. UNBSJ has a mental health peer support program available to all of its students. Email sjpeersupport@unb.ca for more information or request a meeting through their Sharepoint.

A safe and secure suicide hotline number in Canada is 1.833.456.4566 and is available 24/7. 

Wolfgang Düchtel/The Baron


Melanie is mom of two daugters who are her world. She studies Political Science. She's learned a lot throughout her life and went to culinary school before she ended up at UNB. Fun fact about Melanie: she loves squirells!