We are not petting zoos

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People think that they can just come up to us and

Touch our hair because it’s different

Black peoples hair is important

It let us out of slavery

It created a bond between mother and daughter

Barber and black men unite

Made us a stronger people

Wig, braids, cornrows, natural, straightened

Hair is not just something we can feel and touch

It lets us express how we are feeling

The hair can break off when our body is attacking us or our minds are not fully there

Hair brings us together as black people

It brings us pride when we stand alone

It unities us when we stand together

Our history is imbedded in every curl no matter the pattern.

Again let me remind you…


We are not petting zoos!

Angela Davis, an African American activist who used her afro hairstyle as a political statement, defying Eurocentric hairstyles in the 1970s (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
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