UNB Saint John to offer two new certifications specialising in mental health and wellness

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Two new certificates specialising in mental health and wellness are now being offered through the department of psychology at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) Saint John. 

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The objective of the certificates is designed to help students and professionals to further expand knowledge and develop their understanding of mental health in a way that will generate unique perspectives about the pathways to mental illness, as well as psychological health. It will also connect with its broad relevance to both personal and community wellness. 

Mary Ann Campbell from the Department of Psychology on the Saint John campus stated, “understanding mental illness and psychological health is essential knowledge for everyone as it applies to all contexts in our lives as human beings and shapes our behaviour.” 

The certificates are being encouraged for anyone who is interested in learning more about the topics relating to mental health if they have already completed the introduction to psychology course as it is a prerequisite. 

The first certificate is Mental Health and Wellness: Fundamentals. A student may take this alone, or they can also use it as a prerequisite for the second certificate that is offered called, Mental Health and Wellness: Community, Self and Resilience. 

The certificates are very useful for any graduates, but those who complete both will have a comprehensive overview of mental health that complements their professional career path. Particularly it can benefit teachers, nurses, managers, and social workers to have additional knowledge in mental health literacy and the professional training they will acquire through these certificates. 

Topics such as health and wellness, psychopathologies and treatments, therapeutic interventions, communication skills, critical thinking skills, analytic problem-solving skills, how health and wellness are applicable in different contexts, how health and wellness are impacted at work, and an introduction to relevant counselling techniques will all be covered. 

Students can expect to receive the Certificate in Mental Health and Wellness: Fundamentals, and enrol in the second certificate named, Mental Health and Wellness: Community, Self and Resilience. 

For those interested in this incredible opportunity, all courses are currently available for in-person delivery. However, online course delivery will become available in the Fall semester of 2023. 

For students who are interested in applying, you can begin your application process here.

Ashley is a fifth-year student in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education concurrent program. Now in her final year, she hopes to further studies with the goal of promoting international advocacy for educational rights. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to her vinyl records, watching films, and hiking.