My brain is about to explode 

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Have you ever tried to stuff a crazy amount 

of marshmallows in your mouth all at once?

That’s how my mind is working right now

Life, family, school, and what I would call “other” are jam packed into my mind 

I’ve been told to breathe, you got this and you don’t have much longer

The more I hear that, the more anxious I get!

Can’t I just run away? I’m sure I can get things done later, right? 

Every time I cry out in anger because I put myself in this position! 

Please let this anger just fall away from me! 



B R E A T H E ! 

Wolfgang Düchtel/The Baron
Melanie is mom of two daugters who are her world. She studies Political Science. She's learned a lot throughout her life and went to culinary school before she ended up at UNB. Fun fact about Melanie: she loves squirells!