Monday, October 18, 2021
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The Lighthouse (2019) – directed by Robert Eggers

2019 film poster for The Lighthouse (Wikipedia) The dark, alarming sounds of Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse and its secrets will keep an audience thrilled throughout. Right from the start of the movie, when the ship...

The five best books of all time

Ever since I was 11, I have been a bookworm. Naturally, I have read many books since then, but some have been better than others. Here are the five that I think are the best that I have read so far.

Release – Patrick Ness

Have you ever started something, moved away from it to refresh yourself, and then completely did something else in its entirety instead before returning to the original task at hand? Well, I started reading “Call Me By...

Psycho (1960 film) – directed by Alfred Hitchcock

1960 film poster for Psycho (Wikipedia) Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror film, Psycho, is 156 minutes of thrilling intensity that has captivated audiences for decades, although the typical horror movie fanatic may be unaware of its in-depth investigation into...

Red, White & Royal Blue – Casey McQuiston

As a geopolitically minded person, who is increasingly exhausted from reading the news and therefore subjecting myself to learning about whatever nonsense Trump does from day to day, I regularly look to an escape in the form...

Abandon – Meg Cabot

Abandon ranks high amongst my reading list as one of my top three favourite trilogies. The entire series spans over a very short period but will seem to be drawn out. It hooks you and doesn’t let you leave until it is...