Sunday, September 26, 2021

Artist Spotlight: Pat LePoidevin

Hailing originally from Sackville NB, Pat LePoidevin is folk musician with a flare for loop pedals. He has toured extensively, travelling as far as South Korea. His music consists of looping a ukulele and guitar backed by a friend on percussion underneath his intense vocals...

Django Unchained: A review

Set a few years prior to the Emancipation Proclamation, Django Unchained focuses on bounty hunter, Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) on his quest to reunite the newly freed Django (Jamie Foxx) with his wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington). After being purchased by separate procurers at a...

Will alcohol help you get laid? The dangers of “whiskey dick” and “beer goggles”

With Halloween coming up, there will be no shortage of sexy outfits and drinks around, especially with a large gathering of university students. Those two things seem like a recipe for casual sex, right? A little liquid courage lowers your inhibitions and makes everything...

A freshman’s nemesis: The in-class erection

Here is a hypothetical situation: It’s a Monday morning and a male student (let’s call him Johnny) sits at his desk taking notes. There are twenty minutes left as his professor tries to convince the class that “Victorian Aesthetics” is an important concept to understand...

Dr. Anne Compton to launch book in Ganong Hall tonight

Dr. Anne Compton’s up-and-coming book, Afterwork: Essays on Literature and Beauty, will be launched tonight (November 16) at the Ganong Hall Lecture Theatre. The event, hosted by the Department of Humanities and Languages, begins at 7:00PM. Dr. Compton is currently a Writer-In-Residence at UNB Saint John....

The “Fifty Shades” curse: why men should fear Christian Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s a book like no one has ever seen before… at least on the bestseller list. For years, erotic novels have been sitting quietly on their reserved shelves at the back of the bookstore, waiting for mothers to distract their children...

Summer Throwback: Five albums that will have you holding onto summer for just a while longer

Summer has ended but that does not mean that the chilled pace of not fretting about school has to as well. There is a long year ahead of us and sometimes a throwback to carefree days is the best remedy. Coming straight out of...

Prioritizing numbers is hurting your health

Most students want to receive amazing grades, and a majority of adults want a generous income, but are these luxuries worth sacrificing your mental/physical health for? This is a question most students (and young adults) struggle to get a grip on.

Jeff Dunham coming to Harbour Station November 21

The Jeff Dunham fans of Saint John will be pleased to hear that the well-known comedian and ventriloquist will making an appearance at Harbour Station on Nov. 21. Originally from Dallas Texas, Dunham has been entertaining people worldwide with his hilarious stand up acts consisting...

Gravity is a different kind of odyssey

Space-set films are usually concerned with disaster scenarios such as nuclear satellites, steroids colliding with Earth and alien invasions. However, most of these movies don’t focus on the dangerous aspects of outer space alone. Director Alfonso Cuaron offers Gravity, a 93 minute character drama...