Saturday, August 13, 2022

Local FM Artist in Residence screens film and radio project

Local 107.3 Artist in Residence's first screening of his short film titled Loveline took place on September 12 at Calahan's pub. Over 30 people filled the screening area to take in and support the project which tells a love story through a short film and three one...

Artist spotlight: Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Based out of Montreal, QC and formed in 1994, Godspeed You! Black Emperor (GY!BE) is credited with the refinement of one of the most complex and beautiful genres in music, post rock. There are seven members of GY!BE who are all talented and diverse...

Today is National Video Game Day, what are you playing?

Two paddles, one ball, and the rush of scoring more points than your opponent. Pong, that is, the first ever video game released by Physicist William Higinbotham in 1972. Today, September 12, is National Video Games...

I’d Watch The Day Til It Died – Review

Little You, Little Me are set to release a new album next month entitled, “I’d Watch The Day Til It Died”.  This is the Saint John based foursome’s second full length album and does not disappoint. The soon to be new release opens with the...

2013 Canada Reads Winner: February by Lisa Moore

The 2013 Canada Reads winner has been announced as February, by Lisa Moore. February has been described as “an incredible portrait of grief and difficulty moving on” and is set in the perspective of Helen O’Mara, a character who loses her husband on the...

Gravity is a different kind of odyssey

Space-set films are usually concerned with disaster scenarios such as nuclear satellites, steroids colliding with Earth and alien invasions. However, most of these movies don’t focus on the dangerous aspects of outer space alone. Director Alfonso Cuaron offers Gravity, a 93 minute character drama...

You’re not crazy for not wanting kids

As we go through university our lives change substantially. We graduate from our teen years and become twenty-somethings in a few short years. For those of us in our final years of university, we’re bound to start seeing our friends get engaged and (gasp!) even...

Tonella and The Strain live at Pepper’s Pub

Appearing live on Jan. 18 at Pepper’s was both Tonella, based out of Fredericton, and The Strain hailing all the way from Quebec. I was a little disappointed to see a small turnout at Pepper’s because both of these bands gave quite the performance. The...

Prioritizing numbers is hurting your health

Most students want to receive amazing grades, and a majority of adults want a generous income, but are these luxuries worth sacrificing your mental/physical health for? This is a question most students (and young adults) struggle to get a grip on.

Less Miserable: Goats, Ninjas, Batman, and Laughter

On Friday, Sep. 12 and Saturday, Sep. 13, Scott Thomas performed his Fundy Fringe hit play Less Miserable at the Saint John Theatre Company’s BMO Studio Theatre. Both shows began at 7:30 p.m., Less Miserable, an improvised play that uses the soundtrack from Les...