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Emily Wheaton


Emily is in her fourth year of Political Science. She loves studying and academics which follows into her research work. She's a stern black coffee drinker and is a proud Acadienne. When she's not working or doing school work, you can find Emily listening to 70s music on vinyl and watching Parks and Recreation. If you ask her about parliamentary institutions, she won't stop talking.

Kylie MacKenzie

Copy Editor

Kylie is a second year Arts student who plans on majoring in English. Most days when Kylie's not studying, she can be found reading, baking, drinking coffee, or talking about her three dogs. She's very passionate about education, human rights, and literature.

Kate Dang

Office Manager

Wolfgang Düchtel


Wolfgang is in his fourth year of Computer Science. His hobbies include photography, everything computer related, gardening and saying funny things in German.

Taylor Fennelly

Staff Writer

Taylor is in her fifth year of her Bachelor of Arts/Education and is double majoring in English and Psychology. She has an affinity for all things Shakespeare, loves old books and has recently discovered a love for gardening! When not at school or work, you can find her perusing thrift stores, collecting beach glass, or watching birds. She is a proud Taylor Swift fan (we only listen to Taylor's Version here) and also believes pasta should be a food group and that gummy bears qualify as a healthy breakfast.

Melanie Clark

Staff Writer

Melanie is mom of two daugters who are her world. She studies Political Science. She's learned a lot throughout her life and went to culinary school before she ended up at UNB. Fun fact about Melanie: she loves squirells!

Brycen Schofield

Staff Writer

Brycen is a fourth year History-Politics student. His primary focus of study at UNB has been ancient literature through the classics program. Coming from a Catholic Lebanese household, he is incredibly invested in political events and relations in the Middle East. He enjoys to read and has an extensive at-home library, enjoys cinema and film-review, music, and gaming; all of which is enjoyed alongside his pet beagle, Blu.

Abigail Legacy

Staff Writer

Abigail is a first-year arts students focusing on social sciences. She wants to shoot for the stars and become the best she can be, even if she has no idea what career she wants to pursue yet! She's an avid fan of lions, seals, and dogs with long noses, and she spends a lot of time writing creatively, sketching, or chatting online

Matthew Heans

Staff Writer

Matthew is a first year Bachelor of Arts student and an overall academic weapon. He's a big book and chess guy and his diet consists of exclusively toast and coffee. He claims he knows where Waldo is. Check in with him for the inside scoop.

Joseph Albert

Staff Writer

Joseph is in his third year of Political Science. When he is not writing for the Baron, he can be found in Hazen Hall practicing the piano. His other hobbies include sailing and boxing.

Cameron Kennie

Staff Writer

Cameron is a first year BA student and currently has no clue what to major in. Cam is a lover of movies, gaming, and napping. Outside of UNB Campus you can find him watching movies at the Cineplex, in his room playing video games, or streaming on Twitch @BobbleheadCam

Elizabeth Williamson

Staff Writer

Elizabeth is in her second year of her Bachelor of Arts degree. She enjoys drawing and writing fiction in her free time, and may doodle a bit during class. She tends to collect odd things such as rocks, sea glass, and even bubble gum comic strips. She hordes sketchbooks and notebooks from ages past, and occasionally those of others. If you like one of the video game series she likes, her run-on sentences in conversation will be the horror of any Copy Editor.

Aalia Monjolaoluwa Dehinbo

Staff Writer

Aalia is a dedicated student currently pursuing a degree in Communication Studies at the university. When she’s not writing, she loves listening to music and writing novels. Aalia’s journey is a harmonious blend of education, creativity, and the art of communication.

Isabelle Flemming

Staff Writer


Writing, photography, sports

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