Making condom use fun

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Let’s be honest, using them can sometimes be a drag. Everyone knows you need to wear condoms every time you have penetrative sex. Until you can completely trust your partner, if a penis goes into a vagina or an anus, you should have it wrapped for BOTH of your protection. Everyone is aware that condoms lessen the chance of pregnancy and lower the risk of STI transmission. Still, no one looks forward to using them. Sometimes it really sucks to wear them, but it doesn’t have to.

Now yes, there can be some loss of sensation, but we’re talking about sex here. It is still going to feel pretty awesome even with a thin piece of latex or rubber thrown in the mix. Want to know what doesn’t feel awesome? Getting a sexually transmitted infection or (gasp) finding out you are going to be a parent in the middle of exams. So if you find that you lose too much sensation, there are also many varieties of super thin and micro thin condoms which feel like you’re (almost) wearing nothing at all. One brand to try is Kimino brand condoms. They are a little more expensive than a Trojan or a Durex, but they have consistently received higher ratings on pleasure and sensitivity than their competition. They are 20 per cent thinner than other condoms while still exceeding standards on strength and reliability. This means you get to enjoy yourself more while worrying less about what could happen if the condom breaks.

Another important issue that can cause loss of sensation is a condom that just doesn’t fit. To properly fit, a condom should reach the base of the penis when completely rolled down, and should be snug but not too tight. If you find the condom you use isn’t right, try fixing too loose a condom by using small condoms (they do exist!). Fix a too tight condom by going up a size. Today you can buy condoms from size extra small to extra large, and it isn’t about ego. It is about your equipment fitting right to reduce condom slippage or breakage.

Change the “flavour” of your condom and change your night. Ribbed condoms, studded condoms and pleasure condoms are all alternatives to a plain old rubber. Ribbed condoms have ridges and grooves that rub and stimulate. Studded condoms are similar, but have varying patterns of bumps or dots along the shaft. Pleasure shaped condoms can differ brand to brand, but generally have a relaxed tip allowing for more freedom of movement and extra stimulation.

The best way to make condoms more enjoyable is to take your properly fitted, flavour of choice condom and make putting it on fun and sexy. Nothing kills the mood like having to stop everything to find a sheath, so make sure you have the condom nearby! If you know that you are going to be getting down, even a quick tear in the corner of the package will make everything move more smoothly when juices get flowing. Does your partner have a problem losing his erection when you roll the condom down? Try distracting him with a blowjob while you put the condom on him. In fact, that works for everyone! I don’t know many a male who would turn down wearing a condom if it meant that he got a blowjob and then sex. Get your hands going too, stroking him and rolling the condom at the same time.

The most important thing is realizing that condoms aren’t as bad as you think! Just remember: fit, flavour and fun!

Starting Sept. 20, condoms in a variety of flavours and shapes will be available for free from the Sexual Health Center. You can find our office in room 227 of the student center.

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