Toy with me: Learn all about sex toys

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University is a time for a lot of new things and experiences; what better time to experiment sexually than during your university years? Whether you’re into vaginal stimulation, control play, double penetration or you just like things up your butt, there are tons of sex toys out there for you. It’s all about finding the right one.

Sex toys come in a lot of different materials. Jelly and latex sex toys are inexpensive but aren’t the best quality and they don’t last for very long. They both work well with water and silicone based lubricants, however since they are made of a porous material they need to be washed thoroughly and often with an antibacterial cleanser. Plastic sex toys are a good choice for people looking for something a little sturdier. Plastic is also easy to clean, inexpensive and compatible with most types of lube. Silicone toys are a very popular choice because they are hypoallergenic, can easily be cleaned and are generally affordable and durable. Silicone comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours and work best with a water based lubricants.

For the ladies—there are two main staples of female sex toys:  dildos, which are strictly for penetration and vibrators, which can be similar to dildos but are a lot more fun. Vibrators tend to come in a wider variety than dildos. They come in different sizes, shapes and vibration intensities. Rabbit vibrators come equipped with a vibrating shaft and a little gadget that stimulates the clitoris. A bullet vibrator is a small, oval shaped vibrator that can be used on its own or in another toy. G-Spot vibrators to designed to, well, vibrate on the G-spot. They can be hard and rigid or softer and more lifelike. They have a curved shaft to stimulate the G-Spot, which is the soft, spongy part on the anterior wall of the vagina. Ben Wa balls are small, weighted balls that roll around inside of the vagina for stimulation or they can be used to strengthen the pelvic muscles for a tighter grip during partner sex.

For the gentleman—men are often overlooked in the sex toy department. However, there are a ton of great options for the guys! The Fleshlight is a tube that looks like a huge flashlight, with a soft, fleshy lining that replicates a vagina.  Vibrating, glow in the dark, warming, cooling, and “pink butt” are just some of the Fleshlight varieties available. The Tenga Egg is a masturbatory aid that takes the shape of a hard-boiled egg. It’s basically a ball of silicone with a hole in one end for lube. For men that prefer a more “real” experience, there is a huge variety of sex dolls available. Sex dolls can consist of just a vulva to an entire body with a face. The most common material for sex dolls are inflatable vinyl, latex and silicone. Inflatable or blow up dolls are pretty inexpensive but aren’t very durable and don’t bare much resemblance to a real person. Latex dolls have more detail and they tend to be more durable; these dolls can be a bit pricier but still relatively affordable. The most expensive dolls are made of silicone and are very lifelike. They often have hair, distinct facial features, and can be moved and positioned. These dolls are quite pricey, most running for thousands of dollars.

For couples- cockrings restrict the blood flow to the penis which results in a harder, longer lasting erection. Most cockrings come with a vibrating bullet that vibrates against the clitoris during sex or against the balls during masturbation. Butt plugs can be used to prepare for anal sex or during vaginal sex to imitate the feeling of double penetration.  For couples who want to have a little fun in public there are remote control vibrators: one partner wears a vibrating bullet in the orifice of their choice while the other controls stimulation with a remote control. Clone a Willy or Pussy kit allows you to make a homemade sex-toy out of a mold of your partner’s genitals.

Choosing a sex toy is all about what works for you. It might take time to figure out what kind of toy gives you the best kind of pleasure, but there are tons of options to choose from. Looking for a new sex toy is the most fun type of work you’ll ever do, enjoy it!

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