UNBSJ Speaks Up: The Baron Staff asks students, “How do you feel about the toilet paper on campus?”


Dr Fury, History Professor:

“I feel there is absolutely no circumstance under which one ply should be used.”


Erin Macafee, Year 3, BA:

“It sucks, it lacks absorbency.”

Jen Brown, SRC Social Director, Year 3, BS

“It’s terrible and I don’t like that you have to rip it yourself because other peoples germs get on it.”

Jenna Albert, Year 2, BA

“How much we pay for tuition, we should at least get two-ply!”

Kelsey Bodechon, Year 2, BA

“What’s the point of toilet paper that doesn’t do its job? All those opposed to chaffing, please say I!”

Liz Daley, Year 2, BS

“It rips too easily! They need some two ply up in here, we pay so much for tuition I’m sure they can afford it!”

Partick Laskey (left), Year 2, BBA

“It’s not very economic because you have to use a lot of it. If they used thicker toilet paper you could use less.”

Kyle Logan (right), Year 2, BA

“I think prisoners have better toilet paper than this.”

Tom Waggot (left), Year 1, BBA

“It’s like weak sandpaper.”

Devin Burnham (right), Year 3, BA

“It’s a little rough around the edges.”