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I’m in love with my professor/TA – what should I do???

You would be surprised at how often this comes up. If you are falling head-over-heels for one of your instructors, it is time for a reality check. As with any relationship, there are (at least) two people involved – and in this case, the other person may not feel the same way.

Even in cases where professors/TAs begin to date students, it is extremely rare that the relationship continues in a happy, healthy manner for more than a few months. If you are in a “love conquers all” mood, consider waiting until you are finished your studies to pursue anything – love that strong should be able to persist.

In the meantime, take some time to look at what it is that attracts you to your instructor. You may be surprised to discover that you actually enjoy the topic/content of the course more than the person who is teaching it! Keeping in mind that we tend to make poorer decisions and choices when we are under stress, and that university can be a stressful environment, you may want to talk your feelings over with a close friend or family member. As always, UNBSJ has counsellors available to chat about this and other topics – drop us a line, too!

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