Seawolves blown away by Blue Devils: The women’s Seawolves soccer team faced off against the Blue Devils on Sept. 15


UNBSJ’s women’s soccer team hosted their first home game of the semester against the University of King’s College (UKC).

Only minutes before the start of the game there were heavy showers and high winds which had the team wet and cold before the whistle blew.

The Seawolves played a good first half despite the blustery wind that was making it difficult to get any movement on the ball.

Goal tender, Rebecca Snow, defended her net valiantly and shut down UKC’s attempts at the net in the first half.

UNBSJ held strong in the second half until UKC player 10, Marika McKenzie, scored at 25:12.

The game finished with the Blue Devils winning 1-0 against the Seawolves.

The UNBSJ women’s soccer team have a new head coach this year, Jason Brown, and he acknowledges that their game play is affected by it. “For the women it’s an adjustment period, it’s still pretty new,” says Brown.