War of 1812 conference—a great opportunity to learn about New Brunswick

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The New Brunswick Museum in Market Square hosted a fantastic three day conference called, “The War of 1812: Commemorating New Brunswick’s Role,” to mark the 200 anniversary of the war from Sept. 26-Sept.28.

This program not only provided a great deal of insight on the war as a whole and how it affected our land, but paid special attention to the involvement of New Brunswick. It was chalk-full of fascinating seminars and information sessions, including addresses from members of The Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society located at UNB Fredericton. There were also special trips included in the conference package, most notably an afternoon trip to St. Andrews for the “St. Andrew’s and the War of 1812 Walking Tour.”

Though the conference itself required registration and fees, the highlight of the program was free for the public to attend. By far the most anticipated part of the program was the keynote address, given by Dr. Andrew Lambert, a professor of War Studies from King’s College at the University of London. Entitled, “The Key to Victory: The Battle of the Atlantic 1812-1814,” the address dealt with the American plight to overtake the British navy, and how after a rocky start, England prevailed in a big way.

All in all, for those with a real passion for history, and New Brunswickers who are proud of where they come from, “The War Of 1812: Commemorating New Brunswick’s Role” was a must-see.

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