Campus fashion: Keeping warm in black!

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As the weather gets colder, students this season are keeping warm in black. Black sweaters, leggings and boots are a common trend on campus. The most popular type of sweater is a sleek athletic sweater with a mandarin collar and centre zip down the front. In boots we have Uggs, combat boots and motorcycle boots for women and chukka and chelsea boots for men. So if you’re looking for a trend this fall, darken up your wardrobe by adding a couple of these items in a sleek and sultry black.


Izah Hollings, Sciences & Kemakolam Chinwe, Bio-Psych.

Helena Woodley. Shawn Kroetsch, Sciences.

Fan Feng, Sciences & Marcos Hildisheim.

Louis Prima & Sadaf Seddiq

Kayla Johnston, Business & Chris Mahas.


Alex Turnbull & Kerstyn Keyes, Arts ICS.



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