The Mystics cast a shadow over the Seawolves: UNBSJ men’s basketball team was outsized by MSVU in home opener game

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The UNBSJ Seawolves basketball team is chock full of new, young talent this season, but their lack of experience and small stature opposed them in their first home game against the Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) Mystics.

The Seawolves scored the first basket of the game but they were soon overtaken by MSVU. The majority of MSVU’s players towered over the home team, giving them an advantage in all aspects of the game. The sheer size of the Mystics prevented UNBSJ from reaching their full defensive and offensive potential.

By the end of the first quarter, MSVU was in the lead with a strong score of 28-13. The Seawolves continued to fall behind and didn’t score a single basket in the second quarter until four minutes before halftime.

The rest of the game only went downhill for UNBSJ as the home team lost steam and enthusiasm. The Mystics made their passes seem as though the ball was simply floating from player to player and their baskets looked effortless and seamless.

The final score for the Seawolves home opener was a disappointing 99-32 for the visiting team.

Potential future recruits for the Seawolves were sitting in the stands observing the game and had the misfortune of witnessing the excruciating loss.

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