Upcoming Shows in Saint John

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With this being the last issue of The Baron until 2013, it felt necessary to compile a list of all of the upcoming shows you should make every effort to see. Some are on conflicting dates so be sure to choose wisely!

Joel Plaskett Emergency featuring special guest Mo Kenney

Live at The Imperial Theatre, Friday, Nov. 30at 8 p.m.

Joel Plaskett Emergency is a Canadian band, fronted by Joel Plaskett who has made a name for himself. His songs are fun, catchy and indie rock at its finest. Mo Kenney is a 22 year old Nova Scotian folk artist who performs mainly acoustically with Joel Plaskett, and has a stunningly beautiful voice.


The Trews and Guests

Live at the Imperial Theatre, Monday, Dec. 3at 8 p.m.

Nova Scotia based hard rock band, The Trews, will be gracing Saint John with their presence once again as they acoustically tour their latest EP “Thank you and I’m Sorry.” The Trews have a wonderful intensity about them that will definitely make it an evening to remember.


Tonella with Alert the Medic

Live at Pepper’s Pub, Friday, Nov. 30 at 11 p.m.

Tonella is a female fronted indie rock band, incorporating melancholy vocals with longing musical composition. Alert the Medic is a rock band from Halifax with compelling vocals and intense instrumental workings.


Wet Grow Light with Earthbound Trio

Live at Pepper’s Pub, Friday Dec. 7 at 11 p.m.

Formed in 2006, Wet Grow Light falls under a wide spectrum of genres, based as an electronic act, but branching off into jazz, gypsy and rock. They began as a one man project and have since grown into a five-piece group blasting sounds that are sure to get you off your feet.

Earthbound Trio is a three-piece band melding elements of folk and rock with smooth rhythmic vocals and utilizing the cello to its full potential.



Live at Pepper’s Pub, Wednesday, Dec. 21 at 11 p.m.

Slowcoaster brings a combination of catchy and enticing lyrics with a high energy performance. Hailing from Cape Breton, the band combines a fusion of reggae, hip hop and rock into a very captivating sound. They have been active for the past 10 years and have planted themselves in the Canadian music scene for years to come.

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