Player Profile Kayden Roy

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Name: Kayden Roy

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Home Town: Saint John, NB

Position: Point Guard

One year with the Seawolves


Roy developed an interest in basketball at the tender age of eight and has continued that passion through high school and on to university. He played for Simonds High and on several provincial teams before joining the Seawolves.

Roy’s love of the game has not changed but his skills have grown since he first picked up a ball. He has become a master ball-handler in the process.

In his final years of high school, Roy was named Simonds’ MVP three times and was named to the NBIAA All-Star Team.

His immense talent and unwavering dedication to the game of basketball have not gone unnoticed on the Seawolves’ court. Roy, in a mere five games during the first semester of the season has a 16.8 points per game average, making him fourth in the ACAA scoring standings.

Despite it being his first year on the team, Roy has been a player of incredible value to the Seawolves. His passion for the game is what makes him such an amazing player. He believes that no matter what is going on in his life, as soon as he steps on the court, nothing else matters.


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