The Kingston Cup: A UNBSJ tradition since 2001


The Kingston Cup has been played every year at UNBSJ since 2001. It’s an annual rivalry game played against the Mount Allison Mounties. Both the men and women’s Seawolves basketball teams gear up to take on their competition to compete for the coveted, handcrafted Kingston Cup.

In 2000 Doug Kingston approached the Athletics Department with a beautiful wooden trophy, hand carved with love by Kingston himself. He created the trophy with his late wife Mary in mind and donated it to the school in her honour.

The Athletics Department and Kingston wished to assign the trophy to a game that would showcase the young talent at the school and preserve the memory of Kingston’s late wife. Mount Allison and UNBSJ have always been competitive, so this pairing was chosen for the Kingston Cup.

The first Kingston Cup was played in February of 2001 and has been played yearly ever since. The funds raised during the competition are matched by the SRC and are given to two students as bursaries at the Annual Athletics Awards Banquet.