Students’ Representative Council Elections: Chris Mahar running for vice president external

Reading Time: 4 minutes

1. My name is Chris Mahar I am a full time student/athlete in the BBA program here at UNBSJ, I’m majoring in accounting with a minor in economics. I’m in my second year of university and seeking to be more involved in school by creating a better student life for students. So running for VP external allows me the chance to be able to be the voice for you, the students. I’m currently a member of the video game club and play recreational men’s basketball at the gym. As a student I know I have thought of many ways to try and make this school and student life better and decided the only way to do this is to be active in the SRC for the better of the future and for us the current generation of UNBSJ students.

2. This is my first year trying for student council, I have not been on any positions beforehand but I have attended numerous SRC council meetings to establish a sense of concerns and general events by the student body at large, as well as current issues and problems that need to be resolved around the school.

3. I am a second year business student who actively attends numerous SRC social events, who also loves to compete in sports; mainly basketball tournaments and recreational games as well as events put on by the school and a member of the video game club.

4. I am seeking to compete in the position of VP external because I feel my strong communication and people skills will allow me to fulfill my promise to you the student body, to allow you the students to have an active voice to make this school better. I am essentially the voice for you the students, to express your concerns, needs and expectations to the greater Saint John community, government and fellow SRC members. I feel like a lot of students have great suggestions to help make UNBSJ a better and more fun of a place to be. But sometimes the voice doesn’t get heard, if I don’t succeed at anything else in my term as VP external, I will always keep my promise to be here to listen for concerns and suggestions and try to implement them into policy. That is my promise to all voters out there! As a student myself I knew of many great ideas but didn’t know who to voice them to or get opinions, well for those students like me or even [those who] have a cool or great new suggestion you know to come to me, if I’m elected into position. I also feel that my many connections to people in the greater Saint John Community will help bring more awareness of our school and succeed in creating better discounts and opportunities to those students who already pay more than enough to go to school, transportation and food why constantly pay more, we need a break! This is exactly what I plan on targeting, to help benefit all the students that attend UNBSJ.

5. As a voice for the student body, as well as being a student myself I will try to address some issues that will allow students to have a better and possibly CHEAPER school year! Plan #1:  I have addressed the ongoing money students have to spend during the school year, it’s bad enough we pay big money to attain an education but what about some breaks? Well I am planning on addressing the Student Discount Program, I feel there aren’t enough opportunities and variety of savings for students; I plan on addressing the needs of the students during the school year, in which case I will try to recruit. Plan #2: Following along the lines of the Student Discount Program, I plan on establishing more sponsorship from companies in the sense of money and prizes for our ongoing events at UNBSJ. Who doesn’t love prizes and winning stuff? Well I plan on trying to increase that and getting students more involved in numerous events by increasing the winning opportunities around school. Plan #3: [If] I am the vice president external I deal with issues regarding the school, outside of the school. Whether this being the government, or sponsorships and outside discounts for students. I plan on increasing the communication and awareness around school for the many of opportunities that arise if I’m elected. If any big events occur, or opportunities occur for you, the students, I’ll be sure to send out press releases and make it known, so that you, the students, can take advantage of them. I’m also the voice for, you the students, if you have concerns you can always address them to me, and I’ll voice them to the government or councils to try and see a solution can occur. So remember when elections open on March18, make you vote go FAR; vote for MAHAR for vp external.

6. If I had the chance to be any person that was dead or alive, it would definitely have to be Muhammad Ali. Being considerably one of the best athletes and controversial of all time, he was the face of boxing. He made the sport essentially more graceful and creative to watch; his expression “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” definitely personified his fighting style. Because of this, his record was an incredible 56-5! He ignored the critics and did alot of his talking in the ring, definitely proving he was the best of all time. In respect to campaigning for VP external, I hope to do the same. I know I can tell everyone and even the critics what I hope to accomplish but I hope I’m given the chance to prove the tasks I have and to accomplish them for the better good of the students. Now diagnosed with Parkinson disease, Muhammad Ali continues to fight and will always be a fighter. If anyone was to learn a lesson from him, it would be to never give up and persevere no matter what problems are in the way. Just as he was and still is the people’s champion; I plan on being the same for you the students! I will voice your ideas, opinions and complaints to those who can help change the school for the better and if im elected into position, I will work hard to fulfill my promise to you today to try and make the school a better place for students by completing my goals set in place.


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