2012-2013 Recap: Seawolves Basketball

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The 2012-2013 season should be considered a successful one for the Women’s Seawolves basketball team. The team finished in sixth place, with a record of 9-12, which was good enough to advance to the ACAA playoffs. The Seawolves squared against University of Kings College (UKC) in a quarterfinal match-up. However, UKC pulled out a 78-74 win over UNBSJ and the Seawolves were eliminated. Overall, the Seawolves finished 5-5 at home, while going 4-7 on the road. They also racked up 1,441 points for, while allowing 1,314 against.

Leading the charge for the Seawolves was Christie Smith, who averaged over 12 points per game and led the team with 241 points. Rachel Jefferson was no slouch for the Seawolves either, as she racked 215 points. Rounding out the top three was Laura Simonds, who had 170 points. Smith also led the team in assists with 63. She was followed closely by Madison Peters, who had 61 assists.

Smith was a force for the Seawolves on the defensive end as well. She accumulated a team high of 157 total rebounds, 129 of those being defensive rebounds. Behind Smith, was Monica Newman who led the team in offensive rebounds, with 45. Newman also added another 55 defensive rebounds to her tally, giving her 100 total rebounds. Jefferson contributed defensively as well, leading the team in steals, with 58 and in blocks, with 20.

Opposite the Women’s Seawolves, the men finished with a record of 3-18 and a seventh place finish, missing the ACAA playoffs by six points. The men were 2-8 at home in Saint John and 1-10 on the road. They also finished with 1,119 points for, while allowing 1,901 points against.

Kayden Roy was the offensive leader for the Seawolves, as he averaged over 14 points per game and finished the season with 271 total points. Jarred Crawford proved to be another cornerstone of the Seawolves offense, as he tallied 204 total points over the season. Roy and Crawford also led the team in assists; Roy contributed with 35 assists, while Crawford chipped in with 27.

Ranking number one on defense was Ryan Ramier, who led the team in steals with 26. Roy was right behind him with 20 steals, while Crawford had 18. Tom Waggott and John Kearley rounded out the top five, as each had 12 steals. Crawford led the team in defensive blocks with 75, but right behind him was Waggot with 74. Waggot was the overall block leader for the Seawolves, picking up 105 total blocks.

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