History of the UNB Saint John Campus

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The UNBSJ campus opened its doors for the first time in 1964, though it’s hard to believe the university is nearing its fiftieth anniversary. In recent years, the university has added the Hans W. Klohn Commons, a sculpture and made various renovations on campus. The following is a brief timeline of UNBSJ’s history featuring moments of immense pride and development for the thriving campus.
• In 1964, UNB heads a $10 million fundraising campaign that includes $1,350,000 for
the new campus of UNBSJ. Our campus’ history begins. Also, G. Forbes Elliot becomes
the first principal of UNBSJ.
• The City of Saint John hands over the deed to 87 acres of land for UNBSJ’s new
campus at Tucker Park in 1965.
• In 1969, the Saint John campus at Tucker Park officially opens. Students begin
classes at the campus as we know it for the first time.
• UNBSJ holds its first convocation ceremony in 1975. The Athletics Center also makes
its debut on campus.
• The Canada Games Stadium is completed and opened to students in 1985.
• In 1986, the Thomas J. Condon Student Center is opened. Thomas J. Condon was
named vice president of UNBSJ in 1977 and is the namesake of the Student Center.
• In 1989, the Athletics Center is named after G. Forbes Elliot. Elliot was acting vice
president and the campus’ first principal in 1964.
• The Phillip W. Oland Hall is opened in December of 1992, named after the former
CEO of Moosehead Breweries Ltd. Oland had a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry
from UNB.
• K.C. Irving Hall opens for classes at the beginning of the winter term in 1999. Irving
Hall houses the campus’ Biology, Engineering and Nursing departments. Kenneth Colin
Irving is the namesake of Irving Hall, honouring the Irving family’s contribution to New
Brunswick economically and culturally.
• In 2001, the Falstaff Society (now the Lorenzo Society) launches the student arts
annual Vox. Vox is still active to date.
• A co-operation agreement is signed by UNB and the New Brunswick Community
Colleges in 2007. Under the agreement they share land, facilities, programs, services
and students.
• Dr. Robert MacKinnon is appointed vice president of UNBSJ in 2008. The university
also partners with Dalhousie University to bring a medical education program to Saint
• In September 2011, the Hans W. Klohn Commons opens. With student writing and
math tutoring centers, study rooms and the latest in technology, the Commons is a
huge development for UNBSJ. It is named after the prominent New Brunswick businessman Hans W. Klohn, who contributed to the fabrication of steel and the construction industry in Atlantic Canada.
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