In Pursuit: Mobile Boutique Takes Fashion to the Streets

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Keep an eye out fashionistas, there’s a new clothing boutique in Saint John—and it’s on wheels!

The In Pursuit Mobile Boutique is a bright pink van brimming with this season’s must-haves in apparel and accessories.

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Dominique Leger, the clever entrepreneur behind the wheel of In Pursuit, found time to chat with The Baron during Rhoda’s Christmas Festival at Harbour Station on Saturday, Nov. 16.

Legers’s vibrant van could be spied from the nosebleeds of Harbour Station.

However, wiggling in amongst the excited customers browsing the racks of In Pursuit was a challenge in itself. The curious women were drawn in by the pink vehicle and perused the boutique all day. Leger looked pleasantly overwhelmed by In Pursuit’s reception at Rhoda’s.

This was one of the few events where the vehicle actually stayed stationed in one spot for a long period of time. Over three days, the van was bombarded with customers curious about what it had to offer.

Pink bags that match the vehicle were spotted in the hands of pleased women throughout the fair.

Leger reports that business on the street of Saint John is booming. “It’s been really great so far,” she says, “the weather … and the mechanics have cooperated as far as the truck is concerned.”

In the spring and summer, Leger hopes to travel around New Brunswick and possibly Nova Scotia, but for now her focus is primarily on Saint John. This is also due to the fact that the snow could fly at any time.

With a mobile boutique, Leger is able to take her store wherever she sees fit—a great advantage for an entrepreneur. When asked about customer feedback, she confided, “The feedback has been really exciting and really positive. When they see it people are like ‘Wow! I didn’t know you could do this, I didn’t know this was possible.’”.

Once people start to understand exactly what the van is, they find it very unique and exciting. And who can blame them? The shop itself is a huge draw to customers and a savvy business move by Leger.

The shop isn’t exclusive to female interest either. Men are curious based on the mere fact that the store is actually a truck. They are also intrigued by the mechanics and carpentry on the inside of the van.

So fellas, why not pick up a present for your girl as an excuse to check out this incredible vehicle!?

The renovated 2004 GMC Workhorse is a gem. Its strong mechanics and open interior make it an ideal mobile boutique. Oh and it’s pink of course! Country Cuts Carpentry is responsible for In Pursuit’s unique interior. They worked with Leger to develop a modular design that accommodates the boutique’s needs. Being able to switch out the racks and shelves allows the van to be stocked however she pleases.

Amy Doucet, one of Leger’s enthusiastic employees, described In Pursuit Mobile Boutique as follows: “We’re the only one in Atlantic Canada and it’s a really unique idea. We’re mobile. The overhead is low so that keeps our price point really economical which is appealing to shoppers as well.”

The fashion van showcases emerging Canadian designers by offering unique jewelry and clothing that is truly one of a kind. Above all else, the business is local.

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