Sex Toy Bingo at UNB Saint John

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On Tuesday, Feb. 11, the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) and UNB Saint John Sexual Health Centre hosted Sex Toy Bingo as a part of their Sex Week festivities. The sensual event took place in the appropriately named Whitebone Lounge, where over one hundred students cozied up to one another in hopes of snatching up a prize. With tables covered in bingo cards and dabbers, as well as condoms and lube, it came as little surprise that students were eager to participate.

After doing what they could to accommodate the growing crowd, the SRC began the event by showing off their smorgasbord of sexy toys. Host Laura Gordon was joined on stage by the SRC’s president, Ashley Macosky and Danny Oliver, who pulled balls for the first time. The threesome kept the crowd laughing all night with sexual innuendos.

When asked why so many students would turn up to an event of this sort, UNB Saint John student, Kelsey Ferguson responded, “They heard there were free sex toys and they just came.”

The toy selection included masturbatory sleeves, vibrators, pocket pussies, bullets, blow up dolls and flavoured body paint to name a few. The big winners of the night took home the high-end sex toys: a fleshlight, a rabbit vibrator and a travel masturbatory kit—for when you want to come and go at the same time.

Sidney Cunningham, who walked away with a male masturbatory prize, laughingly stated that, “I don’t think I’ve ever been more surprised, embarrassed or excited for a game of bingo or a prize.”

There was most definitely a competitive edge for participating students, who victoriously shouted out sexual phrases in place of the typical “bingo” upon winning. As the night progressed, the stakes grew higher as the best prizes became up-for-grabs. Even those who left the Whitebone empty-handed were grinning at the conclusion of Sex Toy Bingo, which reflects on the overall success of the event itself.

Jess Buck, vice president social of the SRC was ecstatic at the outcome of the event, “I think it’s overwhelming, it’s definitely something that we’re not used to. The fact that people want to come out to something that’s related to sexual awareness and stuff like that is really incredible. Hopefully we can do it again, it’s a bigger success and we can keep building on it every year.”

Laura Gordon, who works in the Sexual Health Centre, was quite the saleswoman. Gordon previously worked in a sex shop, so her ability to talk-up the toys and her valuable advice on how to clean sex things properly were put to good use.

When asked about the turnout of the events, Gordon reflects, “I’m so excited about it. We’ve been doing this now for a few years. I’ve been involved, I think this is my third year and this is the biggest turnout we’ve had yet. Everyone has been talking about it, everyone who came seemed to have a really good time. And I’m already working with the SRC to have another one this semester.”

Upon being asked why events such as Sex Toy Bingo are beneficial to students, Gordon elaborates, “it gives a safe space for everyone to experience it together, to talk about it without feeling ashamed or nervous or anxious that maybe they’re not experienced. Because it is, it’s just fun, lighthearted and everyone has a good time.”

For more information on sexual well-being, stop by the Sexual Health Centre located in room 227 of the Thomas J. Condon Student Centre or email Laura Gordon at

To keep up to date on UNB SRC events, check out their website at or their Facebook page


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