Keeping healthy with music

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On Sep. 17, the Heartbeat! Tucker Park Choir held its first rehearsal of the year in the Dalhousie Medical School’s piano room.

The Heartbeat! Tucker Park Choir was first formed in 2010 by the Dalhousie Medical School in an effort to offer a support structure to students.

When UNBSJ began looking to create a choir of its own, Li-Hong Xu, a professor at UNBSJ, reached out to Dalhousie Medical School and combined the two choirs.

Xu is now the coordinator, and those interested in joining the choir can email her at

No experience is required, no uniforms are necessary, and, best of all, there are no auditions. All students or faculty interested in the choir require is a desire for a good time and, on performance days, a cheerful top with some black pants.

The choir is run by volunteers and thrives off participation. To support the Heartbeat! Tucker Park Choir, those interested can either join or attend their concerts.

Xu is hoping for more engagement from students and faculty, stating that, “It helps you adjust your brain and then we go back to work and study and we’ll be more efficient.”

The choir will also be involved in hosting a workshop on Oct. 24 called “Keep Your Brain Fit and Healthy With Music and the Arts.” The workshop will be located in the Hazen Hall Lecture Theatre and will start at 7 p.m..

Finally, the Heartbeat! Tucker Park Choir’s first performance will be on Nov. 27 at 7 p.m., at a location that is yet to be determined .

There is no fee to attend, so come out, sing, have a good time, and take that much-needed break from work!

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