Welcome to the “Freak Show”

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Halloween is a day for candy and costumes, for haunted houses and sugar rushes. But when it comes to UNBSJ, All Hallow’s Eve is about putting on a show, or in this case, a “Freak Show.”

On Oct. 31, the UNBSRC put on a Halloween Bash at Grand Hall. Students embraced the theme of the bash, showing up in full costume, the event being a “Freak Show” after all.

With strobe lights, decorations, and amazing costumes, the students who attended the bash celebrated Halloween in proper fashion. The UNBSRC did an amazing job planning the events, which the students that attended can attest to.

Students agreed on the fact that the DJ was amazing; he kept the atmosphere at an all-time high and accepted requests, which made the dance floor the place to be. With fist pumping and conga lines, the Halloween Bash is the event one to beat so far.

The SRC’s International Representative, Kjeld Conyers, said that, “The bash had good vibes, and there was a wonderful connection within the students.”

Reno Pereira, UNBSRC’s VP Social, gave a few words regarding the bash’s success: “I felt the atmosphere of the bash was much better compared to the First Class Bash, because the promotion took place at an earlier date.”

The promotions for the bash led around 300 students to the doors of Grand Hall to experience a “Freak Show” like non-other. Pereira was pleased with the turn out, considering the fact that it was Halloween night and there were many other events going on throughout the city, especially uptown.

“The DJ was much more accommodating, he took a lot of requests and played music that was popular, and catchy,” stated Pereira, continuing to say that, “Overall, I have heard good comments about the bash, I have learned a lot over that past few months about planning events, and I am excited to see what the next few bashes will turn out to be.”

Planning a party of this size is a difficult feat that could not have been accomplished without the help of other students and members of the SRC. Reno and his team of organizers ensured that the students of UNBSJ experienced a “Freak Show” worthy of the occasion.

As for future bashes, no one can predict the outcome. What can be said is that students will surely be pleased with the SRC’s hard work if events to come are at all like the Halloween Bash.

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