Get to know the UNB-SRC: Part 1

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Chris Mahar, President

LV: What is your position on the SRC?

CM: I am President of the Students Representative Council.

LV: What does that involve?

CM: President is, when you look at the president in any company, they provide leadership, and provide a clear direction for the company to proceed. My goal is to have that vision and mission, and to provide support for all my executives. I am also the spokesperson for the company as well, so when any incidents occur on campus, they usually come to me for that. I am also in some ways a liaison between us as students, and the administrative staff and professors as well.

LV: Where in your place of birth?

CM: My place of birth is Saint John, New Brunswick.

LV: Where did you graduate from?

CM: Saint John High School.

LV: Why did you decide to run for the SRC?

CM: My first year of university, I did nothing. I came, I was in the science program and I left, as soon as I was done classes. My second year, I started seeing some things that I wanted to try to change, but I did not know how to get involved at that point. After shadowing some people that were on the SRC at the time, I decided to run for the VP External. I was the VP External in my third year, and dealt with the community, because UNBSJ is a very communal campus. So I figured there were ways to enhance the student experience, using uptown Saint John and the rest of the city. In my fourth year, which I am currently in now, I decided to run for the President position. The reason for this is because I had a lot of goals and visions I wanted to get done for this year, and to enhance the student experience—none of which is usually taken seriously by people in positions of power, unless you are in a position of power as well. I have a lot of creative and awesome ideas for students and am trying to enhance the overall student experience. Whether it is affordability, whether it is just enhancing their time on campus. I feel like I am able to listen to all of the students, or most students, and hear their concerns. That’s why I decided to run. For a change.

LV: What are your goals this year for the SRC?

CM: In the summer time, I had collected all the executives and we had created a strategic plan. The plan can be seen on the UNB-SRC website. What we decided, was that there needed to be an increase in Student Services first and foremost. Mental health is a big issue right now across Canada. So providing better Student Services, were obviously key. We are at a very tight financial climate at this moment, the university is doing cutbacks to balance their book, and because of that they have to cut Student Services. I do not think that is right, so we are obviously fighting for better Student Services. Another thing is obviously affordability, and accessibility of education, so along with myself and the VP External Jordan Tracey, we have worked with NBSA and CASA in terms of creating much more accessibility for students to attend secondary education and to receive an education. In addition to all of that, we have plans to continuously work with the community, and enhancing the student experience that way. Whether that is through internships, whether it is through scholarships, sponsorships, or even student discounts— things that are going to provide value to our students while they are here at UNBSJ, and work with the community to better and enhance their experience here.

LV: What is your greatest accomplishment?

CM: I would have to say winning the position of President. It was not an easy position to obtain, there was another great candidate running against me at that time. So it was a very tough election, obviously in some ways controversial, but when it is all said and done, I would say being able to represent students is my greatest accomplishment. Now that I am almost done my university career, I can say that I have pretty much accomplished everything that I had set out to do.

Jordan Tracey – VP External

LV: What is your position on the UNB-SRC?

JT: I am the VP External for the SRC.

LV: Will you give students an explanation of what that position entails?

JT: Mostly what I deal with is government relations, and I advocate for students at two levels. Provincial, I advocate for students through the NBSA, which is the New Brunswick Student Alliance. Nationally, I advocate for students through CASA (Canadian Alliance of Student Associations).

LV: Where is your place of birth?

JT: Saint John, New Brunswick.

LV: Where did you graduate from?

JT: Saint Malachy’s Memorial High School.

LV: Why did you decide to run for the SRC?

JT: I have always wanted a position where I could help students financially. Some of my goals are the zero interest for the student loans. I think it is pretty important to do that, because the quicker people pay loans off the faster they can make money for our province.

LV: What are your goals this year for the SRC?

JT: One of the main ones, this year, that I am pushing for is the zero interest student loans and for the government not to include your parental contribution for your loans when you apply. Another goal that is in the back of my mind is the student discount program. It has been done over the past couple of years, and I would just like to see that be extended.

LV: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

JT: My greatest accomplishment would be doing independent research on marine macroalgae and the endophytes that they produce.

LV: What does that entail?

JT: Specifically, I work with marine macroalgae in the Bay of Fundy. In advanced macrobiology we have isolated endophytes from marine macroalgae in search for potential bioactive compounds that will eliminate pathogens.

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