Hurricanes v.s. Mystics: When 2nd Meets 3rd

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In the second women’s semi-final at the 2014-15 ACAA Basketball Championships, the second seeded Holland College Hurricanes took on the third seed Mount Saint Vincent University Mystics in afternoon action at UNB Saint John.

The day after Hurricanes star guard Jazlin Barker was named the women’s ACAA Player of the Year, Barker and her team began strongly against a sharp Mystics squad.

Often, the Mystics defenders were no match for the sheer strength and height of two Hurricanes forwards.

Time and time again, Hurricanes’ Jenea Barrett and Ashley Moss would cut through the front and weave by leaps and bounds through defenders to score.

The Mounties were not defenseless, however, as a team they beat the Hurricanes in having the lowest number of turnovers, 10 compared to 17, and the highest number of steals, 11 compared to the Hurricanes 5.

But the offensive prowess of the Hurricanes by the fourth quarter could not be stopped. Three Hurricanes’ players alone scored 57 of the 76 team’s points.

In the second half, the Hurricanes made over half of their shots while the Mystics potted less than a quarter of theirs (See photos of both team’s fourth quarter made shots – it is very indicative of the Mystics fall from contention. The white dots are missed shots.).

Beating the Mystics 76-55, the Hurricanes will face the Mount Allison Mounties tomorrow at 1:00pm in the ACAA Basketball Final. All action can be watched online live for free at

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