SRC planning to focus on fun during Sex Week

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The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) is looking make their upcoming Sex Week fun, while promoting sexual health.

Running from February 7 to 12, Sex Week is hosted at UNB Saint John, featuring events of a sexual nature, including a sex toy “bingo” night, a screening of 50 shades of Grey, and ending off with back to back parties; “sexy sangria” night Friday and an anything but clothes bash on Saturday.

“(Sex week has) been done in the past and it’s successful in getting students out. It’s kind of our way of promoting safe sex, too,” says Jordan Tracey, president of the SRC.

Jenna Evans, vice president social for the SRC, is organizing the Sex Week events. “We’re promoting safe sex, we’re promoting good relationships, healthy relationships and I think it gives everyone the chance […] to talk about it.”

“While there is a seriousness to the topic of Sex Week, the objective of the week remains to have fun.”

The majority of the events will focus on the fun side of sex, however Wednesday features a guest speaker.
“We’re having (Jocelyn McIntyre) in to talk about good relationships, healthy relationships, and also consent. A lot of other campuses have enjoyed her,” says Evans.

Additionally, Thursday’s “Condom Buffet” will attempt to promote healthy sexual habits.
“For the condom buffet, we’re obviously going to be giving away condoms,” says Evans. “We’re (also) going to be handing out pamphlets about our health center (on campus).”

Tracey notes that while there is a seriousness to Sex Week, the objective of the week remains to have fun.

“Obviously, there’s sexual assaults on campuses all the time and this is our way of bringing attention to (the assaults) with a positive spin, rather than a negative one,” says Tracey, “It’s not meant to be a big campaign for [sexual health] but it’s a fun, interactive way that is at the same time promoting it.”

Evans repeats this idea, saying, “we’re not having everything serious. You need to have the fun aspect to get people to come.”

Evans still hopes that the events are informative, especially with the light-hearted spirit. “Some people don’t know about things they should know about like getting checked for STIs or the importance of using protection.”

With so much focus on the fun side of sexuality, it appears that the education and awareness about serious issues such as consent and sexual assault may not find their way through the noise.

Sex Week events take place the week of February 7 to 12, and a full list of events is available through the SRC’s Facebook event page.