SRC Kicks off Campaign Week

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While we have been inundated with the facebook posts and completely underwhelmed with the postering so far today, the SRC election campaign period is now underway.

Here is a list of who is running for what. Make sure you track a few of them down and ask a few questions to figure who you are voting for and why.

The Baron will be covering the speeches Tuesday at noon in the Whitebone lounge, which will feature speeches and questions from candidates running for vice president external, vice president student affairs, and president.

We will also be releasing the candidates answers to our questions which were emailed out.

Voting days are from March 21 – 23, uncontested positions are decided by a yes/no ballot.

Below is the list of candidates and their positions.

Jordan Tracey

VP Student Affairs:
Valerie Landry
Ben Manzer
Kirstin Price

VP External:
Kjeld “KJ” Conyers-Steede

Arts Rep:

Katherine Higgins
Jay Lemoyne
Kyle Rogers

Billy Jensen
MinJi Kim
Julie Therrien
Hannah Wallace

Business Rep:
Kieran Jardine
Okechukwu Killian
Mat Savidant

Mature Rep:
Jayme Dixon

Athletics Rep:
Nick Huggard
Sofia Lamprea

International Rep:
Alec Fisher
Pape Mamadou Seck

Social Rep:
Juliet Anymenechi
Kelsey Vienneau

Board of Governors (1 year term):

Ben LeBlanc
Jordan Tracey

Senate (1 year term):

Jayme Dixon **won by acclamation**

Senate (2 year term):

Kjeld “KJ” Conyers-Steede **won by acclamation**

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