Orientation week includes casino night, bubble soccer and more

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Tuesday, September 6 will mark the kick-off to a new academic year, and the welcoming of new students in to the UNB Saint John community.

This year’s frosh week, lead by vice-president student affairs, Benjamin Manzer, includes several past favorites such as the amazing race and casino night, but also incorporates a few new elements as well.

“We wanted to stick with what works,” says Manzer, referring to the week.

“That said, we are definitely working hard to make sure that it incorporates some new activities and most importantly, that all of our activities are inclusive.”

The week kicks off with Super Tuesday, which is the official welcome to the students. The welcome ceremony gives students an overview of the week, and also includes some games to get the crowd warmed up.

The day then continues with academic orientation, as well as the amazing race.

The day rounds out with family orientation, which is an opportunity for students and their parents to visit and learn more about the resources and services that are available.

“It’s a pretty jam packed day,” says Manzer. “But it’s going to be fun, and the students I think will really enjoy it.”

The week continues with Shine day on Wednesday, as well as a hypnotist in the evening.

“Wednesday is a great day because it includes Shine day which I know Jayme has put a lot of work in to organizing the day,” says Manzer referring to Jayme Dixon, this year’s Shinerama chair.

Classes begin on Thursday, however the activities continue, as Manzer has athletic orientation planned for the evening including bubble soccer and then moving on the Friday where students will have the opportunity to win a number of prizes at casino night.

“Saturday is where we’ve changed things up a bit,” Manzer says. “We are going to the beach, which will be a great way to relax before the big bash.”

The beach day will include a bbq and beach games, and students will also be able to go for a swim.

Manzer is encouraging any students interested in more information to reach out for more information by email at studentaffairs@unbsrc.ca

Orientation week caps off with First Class Bash

While orientation activities officially end with the beach day on Saturday, the student council will hold it’s first class bash that evening.

The event, that typically happens the following week, was booked to round out the orientation week this year on Saturday evening.

Featuring crowd favourite Technocolour Dreams, this year’s event will be held in the quad on UNB Saint John campus.

The paint party, which was a hit last year with most attendees, will start at 10pm and run until 2am.

Tickets are available online through eventbrite and can also be purchased from the offices of the Student Council.

For more information, visit the SRC facebook page, facebook.com/unbsrc.


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