Club Feature: Multicultural Society

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On the Saint John campus diversity is sometimes overlooked, which means the potential for students to learn about different cultures is lost.

The Multicultural Society is determined to change that and focusses on harnessing opportunities to create a space where students can engage with their peers from different backgrounds.

During an interview with the Baron the society’s president, Pape Seck, emphasized that there is a lot of diversity within the Saint John campus and with over 50 members, the Multicultural Society has emulated this diversity, with people representing many different countries around the world including Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, France, and Germany.

Seck is explains what the society is all about.

“(It’s about) getting all these different people together in one place, and getting to learn from each other about our different cultures”.

The group is very open and people are able to get involved in a small way, such as attending or performing in one of their coffee house’s, getting more deeply involved with the group by fundraising, or helping to coordinate some of their bigger events.

Their biggest event this year is the Multicultural Gala, which is slated for November 26.

The Gala consists of different performance art, engaged conversation, and a catered dinner. Seck says there will be further details posted as the date of the event gets closer for people looking to attend.

If you are interested in getting  involved with the Multicultural society, this is the type of event where the society looks for extra help.

Seck said they particularly need help sending out letters to gain sponsorship for the Gala.

There was a cut to the clubs funding from the SRC (Students Representative Council) explains Seck, “last year $1200 was received, (this year) the budget is limited to around $800 from the SRC”.

The club hopes to make up for the funding by reaching out to sponsors off campus.   

The Multicultural Society’s commitment to openness means they are always looking for new members, and they are encouraging people to come out to their Meet and Greet event tonight, Thursday October 6, from 6:30-8:30PM in the Whitebone Lounge.

Seck said the mixer is a great place to get an introduced to the society and it’s members.

“I lived in different countries, being from Senegal (originally) but having lived in France, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya and traveling a lot with my family,” says Seck.

“This experience has helped me be more open minded, and I want other people to experience it as well.”

He hopes by helping coordinate events, the group with they will allow other people to have similar experiences of learning and understanding while they are at UNB Saint John.

After all, what is attending university all about, if not expanding our horizons.

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