SRC’s mystery bus departs this Friday

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With the end of the semester rapidly approaching, the SRC is busy planning this year’s Mystery Bus event. For the past few years, they have gathered up eager students of legal drinking age and whisked them away to a mystery location somewhere in the province for a night of drinking, pizza, and fun times.

The event, which falls on December 2 this year, will take place from 9:30 p.m. – 3:00 a.m.

“The [cost] is $25.00, and it includes the transportation from UNBSJ and back, a t-shirt, cover at the bar, drink specials, and pizza,” explains Jenna Evans, vice president social of the SRC.

“Students will come get their Mystery Bus t-shirts in the SRC office from 8:00 – 9:30 p.m., and the bus will arrive at 9:30 p.m. to bring the students to the mystery location,” says Evans as she enthusiastically describes the event.

In regards to the $25.00 charge, a survey of students finds the price to be fair.

Hyacinth Janes, a second year Arts student, thinks the price is more than fair. “Drinks [in Uptown Saint John] are expensive, not to mention the cover charge, which you have to pay to be able to enter the bar. Plus, if you choose to take a taxi home, the meter starts at five dollars.”

Rachel Friars, a third year English student, agrees with Janes’ response, adding, “A single Vodka Cran at a bar Uptown is close to seven dollars.”

Abby Dunlop, another second year Arts student, feels the same way. She even opts to elaborate, stating that, “The price is more than fair. If you think about it, some drinks alone cost twenty five dollars, as well as some t-shirts, and most pizzas. At the price the SRC is charging, you are getting all of those things. I think it’s a great deal.”

While Lauren Verner, a second year Biology student, agrees that the price is fair, she has a few thoughts about whether or not students will be able to pay it.

“A lot of university students wouldn’t be willing to pay that amount for an event, despite it being a fair price. We’re all poor! I heard people complaining about the price of the First Class Bash tickets. So $25.00 might just be too high a price for some people,” Verner muses.

Tickets for the event are selling fast so, if you are interested, the SRC encourages you to get yours as soon as possible. They can be purchased in the SRC office prior to December 2nd, and Evans urges those who plan on attending to check out the event’s page on Facebook for updates. 

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