Smashing the Stigma with


A pumpkin smash took place on Tuesday at UNBSJ in support of

After writing a stigmatized word or phrase related to mental health on a pumpkin, students threw them down or bashed them with a mallet to metaphorically and literally, smash the stigma.

The event was hosted by UNBSJ’s branch of, who works to promote mental health advocacy on campus.

The website states that they are “Canada’s only charity training and empowering young leaders to revolutionize mental health”. They also work to create initiatives like, which provides resources for those who are trying to help someone struggling with mental illness.

Event organizers explained that with the stress of life and midterms “sometimes you just have to smash a vegetable.” Many students who participated in the event expressed relief and satisfaction after smashing their pumpkin.

The event was a smashing success!