Two unfortunate defeats for the Seawolves

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This year’s leap day was filled with two entertaining, hard-fought basketball games, the first of which was the women’s.

(Devin Connelly/The Baron)

Women’s game

Starting things off was player 21, Autumn DeMerchant, who kicked off by scoring the first basket of the game. In the middle of their first quarter, the Seawolves had taken a timeout, seemingly in an attempt to figure out a way to take the game back, as, despite the opening basket, they were behind the Hurricanes. By the time the first-quarter buzzer sounded, the score was 15-16 in favour of the Hurricanes.

Unfortunately, the second quarter didn’t feature an exceptional start for the Seawolves, like the first quarter did, as the Hurricanes scored first. The opponents scoring that basket wasn’t the worst event that happened, either; an injury occurred in the second quarter, causing player 3, Julia Bennett, to leave the game. The Hurricanes were capitalizing on their three-point shots, allowing them to maintain their lead. This transferred to the end of the second quarter, netting them a score of 37-26. During this period, the Seawolves had only amassed one foul, while the Hurricanes had two.

The first shot of the third quarter by Seawolves was player 11, Kathryn Magee. Things weren’t looking much better by the end of the third quarter; the Seawolves were still down 11 points, having a score of 46-57. In this period, the Seawolves had amassed five fouls compared to the Hurricanes’ 3. The third quarter finished with the Seawolves having three fouls, compared to the Hurricanes’ two. These extra penalty-shot points likely allowed the Hurricanes to gain that small advantage.

The first basket of the fourth quarter was by player 7, Emily Fitzpatrick. The fourth quarter was chock full of back-and-forth baskets, leaving fans wondering who was going to win it. The Hurricanes’ ability to pull off tons of three-pointers was keeping them in the lead the entire time. The Seawolves seemed to be desperate to win, as they had 5 fouls in the fourth quarter compared to the Hurricanes’ three. The Hurricanes increased their lead from 11 points to 18 points, but that lead fell to 12 points, ending the game with a score of 81-69 in favour of the Hurricanes.

Men’s game

After the women gave it their all, it was the men’s’ turn. Their game started with the announcement that player 5, Hunter Gray, had won an award. Focusing back on the game, the Seawolves started great, as Jack Miller had gotten a three-pointer in the very first 15 seconds of the game!

Near the end of the first quarter, The Hurricanes wound up getting a buzzer-beater, leaving the Seawolves in the lead, having a score of 17-20. The Seawolves seemed to be playing dirty during this quarter, with four fouls compared to the Hurricanes’ two. At halftime, the Seawolves were staying strong, with a score of 34-26. They’d only had one foul in the second quarter compared to the Hurricanes’ four, but had used up all of their available time-outs.

In the third quarter, their original eight-point lead shortened to a one-point lead, and then, at the last second of the third period, Hurricanes got a buzzer-beating basket, leaving them with a three-point lead over UNBSJ, which allowed them to overtake them in the third quarter. UNBSJ had used a timeout in the previous quarter to try and figure out how they were going to overcome the nine-point difference in the last game of the year, but it was to no avail, as the Hurricanes overcame them with a final score of 78-66, unfortunately leaving the Seawolves with no victories after the long weekend.

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