UNB-SRC Resource Centre to reopen in Winter 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Due to construction in the Thomas J. Condon building, the opening date of the SRC’s Student Resource Centre has been delayed to the beginning of the Winter term in January of 2021.  

UNB-SRC announced delay in Resource Centre opening on their social medias on November 17 (UNB-SRC/Instagram)

Construction delay 

Before Reading Week, the SRC announced that the Resource Centre would be open on Monday, November 16. 

However, due to construction in the building, they have postponed the opening date to the beginning of the next semester. 

“We hoped it could open now, however, the construction in the room and throughout the entire second floor will continue until the end of this semester,” says the President of the SRC, Patrick Hickey. 

What is the Resource Centre? 

The Resource Centre is a space created by the UNB-SRC for all students where they can obtain products and information that will help in their academic and personal lives. 

What does it offer to students? 

The Centre offers various products such as food, condoms, menstrual products, used textbooks, and school supplies. 

It also offers information resources about topics such as sexual health, community food resources, and local social services. 

If students need anything while waiting for the Centre to open, they can email President Patrick Hickey at president@unbsrc.ca or V.P. External Charlotte Fanjoy at external@unbsrc.ca and ask for the wanted items. 

The students will be able to pick them up from the SRC office. 

New location and schedule 

The Student Resource Centre is located in the Thomas J. Condon Student Centre. (UNB/Website)

Even though there is ongoing construction, the new location of the Resource Centre remains the same. 

The Centre had to be relocated to follow COVID-19 guidelines and it will be located on the second floor of the Thomas J. Condon Student Centre in Room 227, across from the Campus Radio Station. 

The Centre will be open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.