Colonel Tucker’s Campus Bar temporarily changed to La Pizzeria

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The Thomas J. Condon Student Centre has been undergoing a makeover since the start of 2020, but most students haven’t seen these changes because COVID has them stuck at home.

Colonel Tucker’s Campus Bar in 2019. (Jordan MacDonald/The Baron)

Previously, Colonel Tucker’s Campus Bar was separate from the Whitebone Lounge, which is often used to host small events. The changes, pictured below, include a complete makeover of both rooms and the removal of a separating wall.

It is unclear whether La Pizzeria will be the permanent name of the new lounge.

“There isn’t technically an official name as of yet, it’s currently a place holder for when the project has been completed,” SRC President Patrick Hickey said.

The previous name for the bar, Colonel Tucker’s Campus Bar, has been around for quite a while.

“It was named Colonel Tuckers along time ago, but the official name for the last while has been Howlers. Only the last few years it was changed back to Colonel Tuckers.” Hickey said.

The SRC plans to announce more information, including the official name, in the near future when the project is complete.

Colonel Tucker’s Campus Bar in 2019. (Katie Herrington/The Baron)
Local MP candidates debate and answer questions in the Whitebone Lounge. (Wolfgang Dutchel/The Baron)
The Whitebone Lounge, pictured above, has been merged with Colonel Tucker’s Campus Bar. (Jordan MacDonald/The Baron)
(Jordan MacDonald/The Baron)
The second floor lobby of the Thomas J. Condon Student Centre. (Jordan MacDonald/The Baron)
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