UNB-SRC endorses Health and Social Innovation Centre

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On Wednesday, April 7, the UNB-SRC officially announced their endorsement for the newly proposed Health and Social Innovation Centre for the UNB Saint John campus. 


Health and Social Innovation Centre 

The Ward Chipman Library is currently not in use. (Flickr/Website).

The Health and Social Innovation Centre, a building part of UNB’S Integrated Health Initiative, will provide a space for the IHI activities to take place and an advanced space for health students and researchers to learn and research solutions for the future. 

The building would replace the Ward Chipman Library, which is currently unused since the opening of the Hans W. Klohn Commons. 

According to the UNB-SRC President, Patrick Hickey, the centre will revolutionize the campus and provide higher quality facilities and services to students. 

The SRC believes the project will bring new students, grow the UNB Saint John campus, create job opportunities, stimulate the local economy, and increase the university’s research capacity. 

Endorsement and Funding 

Although the SRC members had previously endorsed the project unanimously, it has now officially shown its support through the commitment of $55,000.00.  

The SRC is also calling on the provincial government and politicians to help fund the project. According to the last update, the entire structure would cost $38 million. 

Integrated Health Initiative 

The IHI is a multi-faceted program that will focus on health education and research to reform the health system in New Brunswick and Canada. Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick, Horizon Health Network, the Saint John Regional Hospital, and New Brunswick Community College will also participate in the program. 

The initiative took its first step with the launch of the new Bachelor of Health degree in September 2020.  

More about the IHI here