UNB-SRC provides update on use of Respondus software

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After the last update on April 9, the UNB-SRC has announced two clarifications about the use of Respondus for different courses.  

(Wolfgang Duchtel/The Baron)

SRC update 

On Monday, April 12, SRC President Patrick Hickey sent an email to all students about the online invigilation software. 

Respondus will not be allowed to be used during final exams if the professor did not specifically say the class would be using the software for the final exam or assessment (even if they are about to provide details), nor if the course syllabus did not list it at the beginning of the semester. 

Students enrolled in courses that use the software, even if it was not listed in the syllabus, are encouraged to reply to Hickey’s email with the course code and name of the professor. 

Any other questions and concerns can be emailed to president@unbsrc.ca.

Respondus software 

Respondus Lockdown is an invigilance software that, once downloaded on a computer, controls the screen activity, microphone, and webcam. Aside from using the webcam to record, the software also offers a scan option. 

UNB not only lacks a clear policy about the usage of the software but also has violated the guideline provided to professors in March. 

The SRC recommends that students who have been informed about the usage of the software and feel that puts them at a disadvantage should contact Student Services by emailing kcraft@unb.ca.  

Students who believe the instructor is using the software inappropriately should contact the Dean of their respective faculty. 

More information about the SRC’s statement and resources can be found here