UNB updates their COVID-19 policies

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After the new regulations were set on September 22 by the Government of New Brunswick, UNB updated students through an email about changes on-campus.

Students must submit proof of vaccination or undergo weekly rapid testing to be on campus. (91.9 The Bend/Website)

Proof of vaccination

Students will need to show proof of vaccination and valid identification to access certain services and businesses on campus. These documents will not be required to enter the following:

  • Classrooms
  • Lectures
  • Labs
  • Libraries
  • Student Union Building
  • Meal halls, cafes and cafeterias

However, it is required to show proof of vaccination and a valid identification document to access:

  • Retail spaces and food vendors
  • Indoor festivals, performing arts and sport events
  • Gym, pools and recreation facilities
  • The Cellar, Whitebone pizzeria and Grad Club
  • Workshops, town halls, guest lectures and other indoor gatherings
  • Indoor special events, grand openings and conferences
  • Indoor organized group recreational sports, classes and activities

In the case of clinical and practicum placements, students must follow the guidelines of those locations.

To show proof of vaccination, UNB will be accepting a MyHealthNB record, a photo or copy of immunization record, proof of vaccination from another jurisdiction, or a medical exemption certificate.

For events and activities, on-campus students need to provide the status of their proof of vaccination through the UNBSafe app. No photos will be accepted.

Alongside the proof of vaccination, students also need to show a valid identification document, which includes:

  • Driver’s license
  • Birth certificate
  • A Canadian military identification card
  • Medicare card or another provincial health card
  • Canadian permanent resident card
  • UNB-issued identification (only for on-campus events and activities)

Non-fully-vaccinated students will be allowed to attend classes, lectures, and labs if enrolled in the COVID testing program.

Rapid testing


Starting Monday, September 27, all students and staff who attend on-campus activities and in-person classes are required to complete a mandatory, regular COVID-19 rapid testing, only exempting individuals who are fully vaccinated and can demonstrate proof of such.

Individuals will need to book an appointment here to pick up their testing kit or submit it in person. 

A person is considered fully vaccinated after 14 days of receiving their second dose. 

Individuals who do not follow the testing requirements or do not have proof of vaccine exemption will not be allowed on campus. 

Not providing proof of vaccination or not participating in the rapid testing program will count as a violation of the COVID testing policy and the sanctions shown in section 10 of the policy.

Face mask policy

The current face mask policy is still in place for students and staff regardless of their vaccination status.