UNBSRC fall by-elections 2022: what to know

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The Baron recently reached out to all candidates for the UNBSRC fall by-elections. Here is a highlight of those running and how to vote in the upcoming election.


The fall by-election campaign of 2022 has started and from September 20 to September 23 candidates will be able to promote themselves and campaign for their desired position. Students will be able to vote from September 26 to 30 through UNB Intranet.

International Student representatives candidates

Ayush Bhosale:

Ayush is in his second year of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He’s running for the position to give international students support and representation. Ayush wants to make sure international students don’t face any problems during their stay here and if they do, he wants to be there to help them through it.

Muhammad Faseeh Khalil:

Faseeh is a student from Pakistan and is in his fourth year of Bachelor of Business and Administration majoring in Marketing. He’s running for the position to provide engagement in the community with international students from other cultures to learn from experience.

Faseeh explains that when he arrived in Canada that “…it was the idea of meeting people from [his] own background and people from other cultures that had taught [him] the idea to be independent.” He also promises to act as a roadmap for international students on how to get settled into university life and facilitate their transition.

Julia Scherf:

Julia is in her second year doing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice and is from Germany. Julia is running for the position so she can implement more events for international students such as meet and greets, game nights and more.

“There has not been a single event specifically for international students since I got here over a year ago” she mentioned. She also wants to advocate for those who find the transition into their new student life abroad particularly hard and draining and struggle with language barriers, etc.

Wolfgang Düchtel:

Wolfgang is also from Germany and is in his fourth year doing a Bachelor of Computer Science Wolfgang is interested in advocating mainly to have a say in the reduction of tuition fees, and a more transparent way to convey how the money is going to be used by the institution to improve facilities.

Business representative candidates

Gagandeep Singh

Ryley Murphy:

Ryley is a fourth year business student majoring in marketing. He is running with the goal of creating a better business advisory program.

Emily Smith:

Emily is a second year business student. Emily is running for this position because she “…want[s] to be your voice and represent what we students stand for.” Emily talks about how she has spent the summer working with the SRC and has learned how to make decisions to satisfy many. She reassures the students she has the skills necessary to represent the faculty.

LGBTQ+ representative candidate

Sarah Scallen

Member at Large representative candidate

Dylan Shawn Baxter:

Dylan is in his second year doing a Bachelor of Arts/Education program. He is running for this position because, by being a member at large he can represent the average student on campus.

One Year senate member candidate

Ridhima Dixit:

Ridhima is in a BA of Political Science and is in her second year. She is running for the position to ensure students’ voices and concerns are heard throughout the year. “This year being crucial as we crawl towards a ‘new normal’ and cultivate a campus culture that is inclusive to one and all” Ridhima says

Two Year Senate Member/ UNB Board of Governors candidate

Devin Debly:

Devin is a fourth year student doing a Bachelor of Business and Administration. He is running for both positions.


How to vote

To vote, students will need to go to the subheading called “Toolbox” on their UNB Intranet, click the “Cast your Ballot” section and vote on the current ballot.

Students are able to vote through their UNB Intranet from September 26 to September 30.