Weekly clubs and societies series: Muslim Student Association

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The Baron is hosting a weekly series introducing readers to the clubs and societies on campus here at UNB Saint John.

The Muslim Student Association aims to create a space for Muslim students from all cultures and backgrounds to gather and to integrate Muslims into UNB Saint John.

Muslim Student Association/Instagram

Club’s activities and events

The Muslim Student Association organizes Jummu’ah prayer sessions and it’s looking to create more events in the future. At the moment the association is focused on maximizing their outreach program to let students know about the association.

“We plan on aligning our event with our mission to integrate Muslims into UNBSJ and the community” said a representative of the society.

Students can get news about events and activities by following their Instagram page.

Club’s mission

The association’s mission is to facilitate the interest of Muslims at UNB Saint John on and off campus. This comes as there is a rising number of Muslim students at UNB. The association is looking to establish itself as a prominent society within the university.

Interested in joining?

Students can become general members of the Muslim Student Association by filling out this form