The haunting of lateness

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Sometimes do you ever feel like 

Time is going too fast 

You can’t catch up even if you try hard

Your best is only good enough for some people 

Deadlines fall behind, stress enters in like a bad dream enters a child at night 

You feel like you are a ghost just parading a time that you call life 

Time has passed and you are still empty, scared, worried, all of the words that you’ve been trying to forget are still haunting you

Maybe in fact you are being haunted by the ghost of late, the ghost of I’m sorry, the ghost of if I just had time, the ghost of laziness or even the ghost of Netflix

So you see being late isn’t just nothing it’s like a white sheet that is taking over my life 

The haunting of lateness 

The Baron
Melanie is mom of two daugters who are her world. She studies Political Science. She's learned a lot throughout her life and went to culinary school before she ended up at UNB. Fun fact about Melanie: she loves squirells!