UNB Saint John provides students with Learning Communities

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Learning communities provide a space for like-minded students to collaboratively learn
about interdisciplinary concepts and form academic and social bonds.

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Whether they share courses, academic goals, or educational attitudes, students meet regularly to participate in activities and connect in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

At UNB, any student who is enrolled in the participating courses can attend a Learning
Communities session. The meetings take place across a span of eleven weeks and cover six pre-determined topics. Sessions span an hour, and a typical session consists of an introductory activity, group discussions, a guest speaker, and a group activity.

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Starting the week of September 25, sessions are scheduled to run at varied times from Monday to Thursday and are delivered by fellow UNB Saint John students. Participating classes allot up to five bonus points to students who fully participate in a Learning Community.

Sessions throughout the week may vary in time and approach but remain consistent in topic. Those interested are free to attend more than one session a week if they wish but must attend at least four different modules per topic to be eligible for bonus points.

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No registration is required. Just attend the meetings and participate at the posted times.

Please check the website here or ask a Learning Community Leader for more details.

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